Backstage Queens

At JJ's Alley with Blake Lankford of Sunday Sessions and Kyle Carter of Mile 0 Fest

Episode Summary

We’re so glad you joined us on our adventure. This first podcast was recorded on Sunday February 24th 2019 at JJ’s Alley in Bricktown with Blake Lankford, Kyle Carter and Rick Owens

Episode Notes

Blake Lankford with his Sunday Sessions at JJ's Alley and how singer/songwriters can join in on that fun. Also, Kyle Carter on his crusade to bring you the best Music Festival, The Mile 0 Fest, that's located on the warm sandy beaches of Florida. Last, but never the least, Rick Owens as a fellow music lover himself, discussing his second annual trip to Mile 0 Fest, bringing us his experience and stories of the festival.

Intro Music: "Backstage Queen" by Chad Sullins