Backstage Queens

Interviews w/ Carter Sampson, Wink Burcham and Matt Mason at 2019 Gypsy Cafe

Episode Summary

Part 2 of our 2019 Gypsy Cafe adventure. We caught Carter Sampson, Wink Burcham, and Matt Mason in the Artist Tent! This is one of our mini episodes, but still fantastic! Like a bite size chunk of fun! With the murmurs of other artists chatting amongst themselves in the tent and the sound of music off in the distance, the interviews we receive from Carter, Wink and Matt will make you feel like you are right there with us. Matt and Wink tell us their story on how they have benefited from the Red Dirt Relief Fund and how important this organization is, while Carter discuss' the amazing organization she has going on, Rock and Roll Camp for Girls!

Episode Notes

Intro Music - "Backstage Queen" by Chad Sullins Album "Wake Up Call"
Break Music - "Lay Your Burden Down" by Wink Burcham Album "Cleveland Summer Nights"