Backstage Queens

Play it Loud Live Season 4 at The Grand Casino

Episode Summary

We got to sit down back stage with all the players of the Play it Loud Live season 4 show, including Ali Harter, Branjae and her band, John Calvin Abney, The Outsiders Production Crew, and Joniel Prouty of the Wight Lighters with his tour manager Trey Davis.

Episode Notes

Play it Loud Live is an amazing event organized by the Emmy Award Winning Outsiders Productions, which shines a spotlight on local Oklahoma artists. They film phenomenal pieces on each of the artists, showing the audience just who they really are. It was an amazing experience to get to sit down not only with the artists of this season, but also with the guys in the production company. We have some real life conversations about tough subjects, as well as some lighthearted fun. Tune in and check it out!


Featuring the song "Street Light" by Branjae, which she collaborated on with Domestic Violence Intervention Services (D.V.I.S)


Intro Music - Backstage Queens by Chad Sullins