Backstage Queens

Pre-Gypsy Cafe at The Farm in Stillwater

Episode Summary

Pre-Gypsy Cafe Lunch at The Farm in Stillwater w/ Scott Evans, Brad Piccolo, Cale Lester, Monica Taylor, Rick Reiley, Haystack Foster, Ben Brock, Zack Wenzel, Bryce Dicus, and Rick Owens.

Episode Notes

Continue with us on our Gypsy Cafe adventure! We got to attend the Pre-Gypsy Cafe lunch out at the infamous Farm in Stillwater right before the Gypsy Cafe Festival in May, and had a couple of round table discussions about the history of the farm, our favorite Skinner and Childers stories, the Tuesday Night Music Club, and what's going on in the music scene right now with all these folks. It was a fantastic day of music, memories and fun. Listen in and hear all about it.

Intro Music - "Backstage Queens" by Chad Sullins
Break Music - "Cadillac Eight" Live at The Blue Door by Red Dirt Rangers
Name Drop - Tequila Kim