Backstage Queens

Tom Skinner Skyline Fest Part 1 ~ Doc Fell, Nellie Clay, Jason Scott, Jacob Dement

Episode Summary

The Red Dirt Relief Fund Tom Skinner Skyline Festival in Tulsa with Doc Fell, Nellie Clay, Jason Scott, Jacob Dement.

Episode Notes

We got to hang out "backstage" in the green room of the Tom Skinner Skyline Festival and interview some great people. This is the first of two episodes. We got to talk to John "Doc" Fell and his lovely wife Kira, and with Nellie Clay, Jason Scott, and Jacob Dement. Our good friend Rick Owens sat in as well.

It was a great day of music, family, food and fun as we celebrated the life and legacy of Tom Skinner.

*Bonus at the end *

Intro/Exit Music "Backstage Queen" by Chad Sullins

Break Music "Blind Man" by Tom Skinner/Mike McClure