Backstage Queens

Gypsy Cafe/Red Dirt Relief Interviews with Katie Dale, Randy Crouch, Mike Hosty, Craig Skinner, Dylan Stewart

Episode Summary

We traveled to Stillwater, OK to dive into that Red Dirt Music and there wasn't a better place to grab some interviews, other than Gypsy Cafe event! Walking around, catching those sidewalk interviews with Randy Crouch, Mike Hosty, Craig Skinner and Dylan Stewart, along with the lovely Katie Dale, Executive Director of the Red Dirt Relief Fund!

Episode Notes

Intro Music - Chad Sullins "Backstage Queens"
Break Music-Tom Skinner/Mike McClure,"Blind Man"The Great Divide and Friends:Dirt & Spirit

Small Cameo - Brandon Clark from BCandThe Big Rig,Jake Flint (Interview with Randy Crouch)
Rankin with Mental Media (Interview with Dylan Stewart)